Our Strategy:

Falcon Australia’s strategy is to leverage the Falcon Group’s expertise in the unconventional oil and gas industry acquiring interests in licences covering large acreages of land in areas that the Board of Directors of Falcon believes support the exploitation of unconventional oil and gas. Falcon Australia has sought to add value to its asset by entering into a farm - out arrangement with Origin Energy Resources Limited and Sasol Petroleum Australia Limited that are carrying Falcon through a drilling work programme.

Our Commitment:

Falcon Australia operates in diverse communities and a sensitive natural habitat. In an effort to proactively address landowners and environmental concerns, we engage the community and government officials to facilitate information exchange, support the local economy and protect sacred areas through our joint venture partner Origin Energy Resources Limited. The joint venture commits to implement best practices with regard to community outreach, environmental precautions, and public disclosure. We do this not because we have to, but because it is right to do so.